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Saving 100s and 1000s

If you’ve had several jobs over the years, you probably have more than one super account, which means you could be paying unnecessary fees. And if you haven’t been in contact with your super funds for a while you may even have lost super registered with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

You can avoid paying unnecessary fees, receive less paperwork and have greater control over your super in just a few easy steps with our
online Search & Combine tool.

Better together, we've made it easy

Use our Search & Combine tool to:

  • search for your lost super using the ATO’s SuperSeeker service
  • add in any other accounts you’d like to transfer, and
  • combine them all into your First State Super account.

Search & combine

To use the Search & Combine tool, simply fill in your details and search for your lost super using your Tax File Number. If you find any lost super, we’ll automatically include it in your transfer forms. You can also add in any other accounts you’d like to combine.

Then you can print and sign the transfer forms, return them to us with your certified proof of identity, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll need to provide certified proof of identity for each fund you’re transferring though.

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You must be a member

You must be a member to use the tool to search for your lost super.
If you aren’t a member you can sign up in a few easy steps, or you
can search the SuperSeeker site yourself, and then complete the
online transfer forms.